Why You Should Never Opt For An Ordinary Carpenter Made Kitchen | UNIQUE Wood
Modular Kitchen has become the trendsetter in the Interior & Kitchen designing industry for the past many years. Nowadays, everyone talks about a modular kitchen only, while thinking of setting up or remodelling their kitchens. A few days ago, we had dispelled some misconceptions regarding modular kitchens. Today, we give you a few reasons why you should never opt for an ordinary carpenter made kitchen. Modular Kitchens are manufactured in factories on specialized manufacturing equipments and machines. In our factory, manufacturing is done on specialized German and Italian machines to ensure fast manufacturing, designer kitchen finishes and low cost. We manufacture in one day what a carpenter would take 15-20 days to make. Usually our kitchens are manufactured and fully installed at site within 15 days of booking of order. A factory made modular kitchen is always better finished than an ordinary carpenter made kitchen. You will notice that it is very difficult to get straight