Goal - udandi
The goal of Lunch It, Punch It is to pack ten lunches before eating lunch out. Packing a lunch sounds simple, but many tell me it is un-inspiring or difficult to do for a week at time. People love having a loyalty card for their local coffee shop or eatery, now those who choose to pack their lunch for health or cost-saving reasons have a loyalty card, too. What began as a fun challenge among friends turned into a website to be shared with others who enjoy achieving goals. You’ve always got a friend at Lunch It Punch It cheering you on, but I encourage you to recruit a friend to make it a little more fun. Print the official Lunch It, Punch It cards and track your progress at home (or in the office). Remember there are no hard and fast rules, only ones the work for you whether you are packing your lunch at work or home. Keep following this blog and join the conversations on Twitter and Facebook.