Free Relaxation CD to New Clients | Two Minds Hypnotherapy
I am offering a FREE hypnotherapy Relaxation CD to help new clients to reduce stress and promote feelings of well being. The CD, which lasts for around 40 minutes is a combination of soothing music and positive affirmations to aid relaxation and promote sleep. Voiced by myself, the CD is designed to be listened to before you go to sleep, and can be helpful when used in conjunction with regular sessions, in aiding in weight, sleep, and anger management issues. (The CD should not be played in the car or when operating machinery). It can also be helpful to use during the daytime if you have a spare half an hour or so. In our hectic world, our brains can often respond to situations we perceive to be stressful in a manner that can prove to be bad for our mental wellbeing and overall health. When we start to build up a pattern of negative thinking, we are adding to our Stress Bucket. When our Stress Bucket overflows, we may discover issues start to invade our lives and manifest