Do you Struggle with your Weight? | Two Minds Hypnotherapy
Are you finding it hard to stay balanced and on track with your eating habits? Gaining control and losing weight can be achieved with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, safely and effectively. By attending a number of sessions, you begin to make informed decisions on the food types you choose as you regain your control. The therapy helps by lessening the amount of stress in your life and lowering the levels piling into your stress bucket. When these levels overflow, we can start to find ourselves indulging in bad eating habits and comfort eating, which is merely a coping mechanism. When we are in a trance state, we are replicating the natural process of REM Sleep which lowers your stress levels, and only when your bucket starts to contain less stress can you begin to feel calmer and back in control of your cravings, which would otherwise see you reaching for the chocolate. During each session, we will work together to focus on positive goals to help reduce stress, the hypnosis will then