Managing urban meadows- sharing best practice | Tees Valley Wild Green Places
On Sunday 1st July volunteer leaders from green space groups across the Tees Valley attended our workshop "Caring for urban meadows - in the long term." With the loss of traditional meadows in the countryside, creating and caring for urban meadows has become popular. However people are often disappointed by the long term results and there is much confusion on what a meadow is, and how they differ from the colourful sown "meadows" of annual flowers.Perennial wild flower/grass meadows are complex habitats to create and manage. Every meadow is different, both in space and time. For them to make a long term contribution to biodiversity, sensitive sustainable monitoring and management is needed. The workshop was divided into an indoor morning session, followed by local site visits. Martin Allen gave a background to the day and covered: What is a rural "meadow", why and how did they form and were traditionally managed? Characteristics of Tees Valley meadows. You can download a copy of the