Trinest Talks: Microsoft Band | Trinest
With Microsoft officially discontinuing their Health products and the Microsoft Band….hold on a minute this seems like the opening I wrote only not to long ago for my article on the Vector. A bleak outlook at a company going under or closing services only to rant on how it was a flawed by perfect product. This really seems exactly like that. The reason why it seems exactly like that isn't because I wrote this article the same day as the Vector article and just decided to schedule it for a week later, no it is because like everyone we go through phases and try out products based on what ever fad we find ourselves in. Suddenly find yourself at Bunnings or Ikea a lot more then usual? You must of just watched The Block. How about all those new foods which you can't pronounce suddenly at the dinner table? Sounds like someone has been watching Master Chief. Now when it comes to health kicks it probably is because not to long hand The Biggest Looser was on TV for a period of time. Even if you