How to pin curl your hair! - Tricky Little Corset
pin curl noun 1. a small section of hair wound in a circle and secured with a hairpin to set it in a curl Pin curling is probably the oldest technique for setting curls into hair. Once you have these curls you can style them any way you like. Pincurls became popular in the 1930’s along with finger waves and became a staple into the 40’s, 50’s and even the 60’s. The technique died out into the 70’s with the advent of punk, disco and the hippy movement and in the 80’s we became gadget crazy, with benders, heated rollers and crimpers and into the noughties the invention of ceramic hair straighteners put paid to this technique our grandmothers knew and loved. However, pin up and vintage styling is back and so are pin curls! They are my favourite way to set my hair up and never let me down.[...]