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Oneshi Press Tracy Queen by Oneshi Press is proud to show off the credits of creators as well as our growing team. The amount of combined professional experience in our raster is staggering so we’ll only be listing the most pertinent experiences of team member. Please be sure to subscribe to our Patreon Campaign to get a slew of awesome perks while helping to keep our growing team fed, and get tons of great perks including works-in-progress, a high res copy of each new page as it’s available, one-offs, and more! The Creators Lynsey G Writer & co-creator of Tracy Queen, started writing young and never stopped. Her primary focus is in the oddly congruent corners of adult entertainment, gender issues, and feminism. As a DVD reviewer and set copy writer for numerous adult magazines, she got an eyeful of smut and a mind full of questions, which she parlayed into a column at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. She then spent three years as the editor-in-chief of the online adult industry magazine WHACK! There, under the name Miss Lagsalot, she conducted dozens of interviews with adult stars and wrote her sparkly little heart out. During this time she also curated a [...]