An interview about ME! |
Check this out, you guys! Lynsey G and Jayel Draco, the co-creators of this really kickass graphic novel about me, got interviewed by the editor-in-chief of Luna Luna magazine! So basically the interview is all about me. Coooool, right? These two are crazy smart artist types and they’re all impassioned about bringing my story to print. And it’s in Luna Luna! I lurrrv Luna Luna! Smart sexy feminist stuff. This is so awesome. Check it out: Can you sum up the storyline in three words? Lynsey: Three words? REALLY? Um… “Feminist, warrior, pornstar”? Wait, no. “Feminist, humanist, ass-kicking-ist”? Hm. Or maybe “Sex, smarts, and cyborgs”? Jayel: Only three, huh? Can I use hyphenated words? “Sex-Positive, Sci-fi, Mayhem.” Read the whole thing here! It’s super rad! To get a feel for who I am, explore the rest of to find out more!