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Okay, kids, here you go. Several different methods of development, depending on the client mission, their interest in self-maintaining their site, desired Page Load speed for SEO, budget for the project (and, yes, I always ask what the budget is) and several other factors. Below there are Straight-code sites (HTML/CSS/PHP, hand-written), Joomla Content Management System (CMS), Wordpress CMS, ZenCart e-Commerce platform, OSCommerce and even a Magento e-commerce one I believe. Bottom line: I love Open Source platforms, and if I haven't already used it, I'll figure it out very quickly on my time, not yours. One of my favorite games is installing a new web app, breaking it and fixing it. Other geeks play World of Warcraft, upload pictures of their kids latest dump on Facebook or post mind-bogglingly idiot, spelling-error riddled "considered opinions" on their own forums. I sit in the living room with my wife and daughter each night while I find/install/break/fix new Open Source app