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Friday Harbor SEO Expert. Yep, this is me. Avert your eyes! Newly Arrived Friday Harbor SEO Expert, San Juan Islands Web Designer and San Juan Islands Contract Ninja Why the raging humility, you ask? Because I've seen and listened to the cretins in my field. Don't get me wrong...I'm not the brightest (close, though) or tied-in to the G insiders. I'm an SEO expert because I've put in the time, done the detailed work and have the results. I'm an honest SEO guy and I tell my clients where they are and what it will take to get to where they want to go....And why their competition is currently whipping their asses. I even go so far as to tell them exactly how much real SEO costs, and the reason for the prices. Can you imagine? This business is so nasty that I have to promote myself as an honest SEO guy (and prove it, obviously) to differentiate myself. Big sigh. I love my work but can't stand my contemporaries. As you pick through this site, you'll find real SEO tips. Yep, I'm