What tools should I have in the shop? | The Wooden Craftsman
There are so many different methods of work out their it is hard to say exactly what type of tools you should have in your shop. In this guide, I lay out the most common wish list that many woodworkers strive to add to their shops complement of tools. By having these tools available will also make it easier to build the woodworking project plans sold through this website. The links to the tools in this article are not an endorsement for the quality or brand of tool you should buy. We are simply giving an example of what the tool looks like. It is recommended that you do some research before buying your tools; to be sure, the brand and quality level of the tool will meet your needs and methods of work. Thickness material It is nice to have a thickness planer in the shop to bring wood to its final size. The lunch box style planers work great for a small home workshop. Power is not the only way to thickness board, if you are in for a little workout a jack plane can make quick work