Uncertainty | The Wise Magazine
In my opinion, the best book of the Kryon series is The Journey Home. It narrates a beautiful example that I use in my sessions to this day. Michael Thomas, the protagonist, acquires a map from a spirit. He's told the map will guide him, so he should consult the map whenever he needs to. Michael gazes upon the map only to see that it's nothing but a blank piece of paper. "How come?" he thinks. He then hears the spirit say, "You'll understand when the time comes." (I'm afraid I cannot fully recall the exact details, but you get the gist of it.) Michael then begins a journey with the blank map. He continues walking, and just when he reaches a critical junction, shapes and roads appear on the map, showing him the way to go. Once he picks the right direction, the shapes on the map disappear again until he reaches the next critical junction. Uncertainty is the primary source of frustration for humanity. We want to know what will happen, what we should do, where we should go, and what our
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