Truth versus Reality | The Wise Magazine
Existence has two faces: objective and subjective, or rather Truth and reality. Subjective existence, or reality, is valid only within its perimeter, and ceases to be valid outside this perimeter. Conversely, objective existence, or the Truth, is valid everywhere. Reality is the rule, while the Truth is the Law. We could compare reality to constitutional law. It's subjective. It's a rule and nothing more. It applies to a specific country during a specific period. It cannot be forced upon another country or time period. Its validity is limited to its own country, period, and people. However, the delicate balance between sustenance and reproduction is the Truth. It's objective; it's Law. It's valid for all places and all times. When the food supply increases, the population grows, and vice versa. This Law can be applied to the nutrition and reproduction of mice or trees, the nutrition of the soul and the intensity of its energy, and a political opinion and the environment it feeds upon.
Cem Sen