Following the Verb: Human! | The Wise Magazine
The Turks are human! The Kurds are human! The Laz are human! The Circassians are human! The Americans are human! The Arabs are human! The Ukrainians are human! The Gypsies are human! The Africans are human! Europeans and Asians, Sunnis and Shiites, Christians and Jews, atheists and agnostics, and secularists and fundamentalists: They're all human! Enlightened or puritan, citizen or police, voter or politician, murderer or thief, doctor or healer, ignorant or scientists, wise or foolish, man or woman, child or adult, young or old, meat eater or vegetarian, and rich or poor: We are human! Whatever you prefer to put before the verb, there is only one word that bands us all together: Human! They say the species we call the human race, which is anthropologically referred to as the Homo sapiens, came across the Neanderthals after migrating from Africa to Europe. They perceived the presence of another human species as a threat to their own survival, so they fought to annihilate them! Even
Hasan Sonsuz ÇeliktaƟ