I'm Mad, so Mad… | The Wise Magazine
I can't express how mad I got yesterday. I was raging and unable to get a grip on myself. I was exposed to a verbal assault from a family member. (It doesn't matter who it was. We all have someone who plays this role in our lives, be it a parent, sibling, partner, relative, friend, etc.) I grew unbearably angry, but I contained myself. Yet I still didn't know how I should be approaching the matter. The only thing I knew for sure was that fighting back would be futile. Just then, I had the idea of trying my Osho Zen Tarot deck. I chose Serenity and Patience, which means to keep calm and let things ride. I then consulted my dear personal astrologer, Elif Hece, to ask if there was something amiss in the skies. She told me the eclipse squared my full moon, and she had already expected to get a message like this from me eventually. I cooled down a little and quelled my temper, because I knew everything would be fine the next day, just like the sunny day that comes in the wake of a
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