For Those Wanting to Become a Coach or a Client of One… | The Wise Magazine
There's something I'm quite happy to see happening: the widespread acceptance of "coaching" as an occupation. For example, coaches in Turkey could be counted on the fingers of one hand just a couple of years ago, but now they're quickly increasing in number. Coaching, specifically personal life coaching, is rapidly becoming prevalent worldwide, because it works! Let's face it, many healthy individuals or even establishments are running at an efficiency that's far short of their true potential. For many of us, this efficiency is so low that even a marginal increase would make a tremendous difference to our lives. Okay, so far so good, yet there are so many people wanting to learn how to become a coach or wondering if they're capable of it, but they're still not getting it. So, I'll share here the six key points of becoming a coach, for those who wish to pursue a career as a life coach, or a coaching client, for those who want to learn more about this topic. (What I'll explain is not the
Dost Can Deniz