Getting Sick: Coincidental or Not? | The Wise Magazine
In brief, disease results from a state of deterioration in the body or mind that is caused by changes in the body, leading to dysfunction. The source of a disease can be external, such as with bioengineered diseases, or internal factors, such as with autoimmune diseases. Well-known Turkish professor Dr. Osman Müftüoglu claims that getting sick is not coincidental. According to him, whether you call it "an illness" or "a simple health problem," most of the physical or mental symptoms that affect us do not pop up out of the blue. Instead, they generally begin sending signals days, months, or sometimes even years before with some biochemical disorders. If an illness is diagnosed at this early stage, the problem can be solved without any surgical, pharmaceutical, or other treatment. Simple lifestyle changes are enough to heal it. So, every illness has symptoms, and there are signs before we get truly sick. The important thing is to learn to listen to our bodies and minds and take
Celina Stamboli Rodriguez