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I ate fast food today after nearly a year and a half without it. I went for some crispy chicken pieces and an ice tea from one of the international fast food chains. The kids insisted on it, and fast food menus are pretty cheap as you know. We used to eat in fast food places every time we visited a shopping mall. I wasn't entirely conscious about it back then, but now, after not eating it for a year and a half, I clearly understand what I was actually doing to my body. Right now, even as I write these lines, my body feels something long forgotten. It knocked me for six. My fingers don't move. I'm running on fumes, and my mood is quite terrible. I cannot perceive things properly. I've been committing this very villainy against my body for years, and I would like to sincerely apologize to my body for it. I thought I was feeding it, but it seems this isn't what I've really been doing. I then got something else from another international "capital." It was a pamphlet about a newly
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