Topsy-Turvy: Jupiter and Sagittarius | The Wise Magazine
Behind every state you are in, there lies an awareness to be conveyed to you. Messages pour in from all over, but you were the one who wanted to see them. You feel confused and sometimes anxious as your future dreams evolve through anxiety as they begin to come true and materialize. There is an anxiety of "Am I really ready?" But you are ready, and you know it. Now look at the things you don't like in your life, the things you can't overcome. Have a look at the obstacles ahead of you and the things you exaggerate. There is something they want to show you, something they want to tell you about and make you understand. The world is not what it used to be, the way you once knew it. It's like seeing the actual reality of something you've known for a very long time. Which one is real? Is it the world you've always known or the one you are facing right now with all its realities? Why does everything feel so different? Who are these people? Who is talking? What are they talking about? Have we
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