Aries Full Moon: Resurrection | The Wise Magazine
Who is to blame, them or you? Who are you fighting? Was there really a crime? Or do we just have our excuses? We are at a point where we can see our excuses are our greatest enemies. We hide behind our excuses and hold ourselves back. We are afraid of them, but they enable us to build a secure space for ourselves. We blame the other party in a relationship, colleagues at work, the people on the street, and our families at home. We say we can't do certain things, and we hide behind each and every excuse as reasons for "why" we can't do those things. Even when the reality is thrown at us, we still look for an excuse. We do not want to see, because there are things we cannot admit to ourselves. We do not want to see, because everyone else but us is to blame. Then we are left on our own. It's no longer enough to blame everything else, so we blame ourselves. "Look at how happy they are. Look at how successful they are," you say. What are you doing? Life feels empty, and you do not enjoy the
Yigit Penguen