A Different Look at the 11th House In Relation to Astrology | The Wise Magazine
The 11th House: The House of the Ideal Partner. After dealing with so many birth charts over the last few years, I finally began to argue that the 11th house is the house of the ideal partner in astrology. I didn't find any arguments about the role of the 11th house in relationships in the articles by other astrologers, so I can tentatively say this is a new perspective about it. What I'm proposing is that the sign in the 11th house of someone's birth chart may be the sign of the potential ideal partner for that person. In fact, it may not actually be the sign of an ideal partner but rather what the person may feel is an ideal partner. However, one of the signs in the 11th house, especially the sign ruling the house, could be accepted as the sign of an ideal partner. For instance, when we look at the 11th house, we see two or three signs in it. The sign that rules the 11th house may be a particular candidate for the ideal partner's Sun sign. However, I sometimes see another sign in the