Excerpt: Beach Thing- Coming soon! - The Sweet Escape
I get nervous to share new work because... well, because. It's nerve wracking. I feel like the second I share it, people become aware of it and start asking questions and then I hit a wall and never finish (See Dinner at Sam's, The Never List, Missing Persons-- all have about 8 chapters of blah and I have no desire to return to them at the moment). This blog doesn't exist to host snippets of unfinished work. So, I am tempted to hold this until I know I am finished with the book. So if you don't see this post until end of August, early September, my butt went numb and I chickened out and held it. But if you see it on August 24th, I got over myself and posted it. At any rate, here's a little piece of Beach Thing, a contemporary black romance with a cozy beach theme. Pub Date, Septemberish.