[Review] Inside The O'Briens by Lisa Genova - The Sweet Escape
I have read everything Ms. Genova has published and I continue to be both entertained and educated by her poignant, moving portrayals of people who could be you or me or my next door neighbor, going through a journey that some would describe as horrific. Genova has written about Alzheimer's Disease, traumatic brain injuries and autism. Now she is back to bring us into the world of Huntington's Disease by introducing us to the OBrien's. Joe is a Boston Cop, Blue to the core and proud of it. His son, JJ is a firefighter; son Patrick runs a bar, daughters Meghan and Katie are both artistic. He calls his wife Rosie his bride and he's looking forward to retiring from the police force and enjoying life with her and his kids nearby. As in her previous books, small instances become frequent occurrences and incidental behaviors become noticeable, until Joe is being accused of abusing alcohol or taking drugs. Muscle spasms, involuntary movement, mood swings, decreased motor function-- Joe thinks it's all because he's getting older, and that one time he messed up his knee. A trip to the doctor begins an avalanche of specialist appointments and exams until the unexpected diagnosis is confirmed: Huntington's Disease. Prognosis: Fatal. Also, hereditary. Joe has four children that he'd stand in front of a moving train to protect. Has he given them all a death sentence?