*Blog Tour* [Review] Break Me Down by Roni Loren (Loving On the Edge 8.5) - The Sweet Escape
Where Call on Me was more romance and love story, Break Me Down brings Loren back to BDSM at its core with a love story to soften the blow. Which I feel is only fitting since Domination has become a part of who Gib and Sam are. I had to go back to skimming and reading through my fingers..... but for the majority part, I LUH-HUVED this novel. Gib and Sam are clearly meant for each other and no matter how much each of them try to fight it, it can't be denied. I couldn't imagine either of them with anyone else... and I feel like they both needed someone who was strong and powerful but who could be brought to their knees. A great read but uh...... come prepared. Roni doesn't pull ANY punches in this one!