Above all this bustle you hear... a Christmas Ditty - The Sweet Escape
He smiled and gave a single nod as if to say thank you. "Do you play?" She shook her head. "Not at all. I love music but I'm not talented." "I wouldn't say that," he argued. "Look at what you do every day. You do a lot for these kids that I couldn't do. That's a gift, right there." Olivia blushed a deep crimson. "I never thought of it that way." She checked her watch and groaned. "Speaking of that gift, I have to go use it." The music stopped as JC brought his hands to his lap. "I hope I didn't get you into trouble." "I was on a break. It would have been worth it, if I did. It was nice of you to check on me." He laughed. "I'll be honest, it was Joey's idea. But I did want to make sure you were okay." Olivia beamed. "And do I look okay?" He studied her for a long, quiet moment, from her long dark hair pulled into a high ponytail to deep brown eyes and clear, peaches and cream skin. "You look great, Liv."