News & Sports Sponsorships | Mid-West Family Broadcasting (WSJM Inc.)
Each of our stations at Mid-West Family Broadcasting brings you the very best in up to the minute local, national and regional news from the WSJM local news staff, ABC Radio and the Associated Press. News Sponsorships News Sponsorships are a great way to: Create instant credibility for your business due to the fact that there is inherent credibility in the environment of the news itself. Create better advertiser message retention because of greater listener attention. Create brand awareness with less frequency. Create competitive product category separation for you and your business. Sports Sponsorships Sports Sponsorships are an excellent way to gain market share and create community goodwill and spirit! You can choose to be a part of: Friday Night Fever - High School Football High School Football Booster Club High School Basketball Booster Club Student Athlete of the Week Super Sports Club - Football & Basketball Big Ten Sports Booster - Football & Basketball