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Why should you consider using a jingle? Jingles provide one of the most powerful and efficient methods for advertising your products and services BECAUSE they are based on music -- the universal language. It is a proven fact that music alters moods and triggers sensations. Having a jingle that creates a happy, upbeat mood will simultaneously hook the listener into feeling happy and upbeat about your products and services. The desired ambiance may be one of relaxed and calming, or perhaps a driving, corporate, high-energy atmosphere. Whatever the tone,jingles quickly and easily make an immediate connection with your listeners. Keep your name on everybody's lips! Think of any big name brand in any industry, and most likely you'll recall a catchy jingle that you can sing from beginning to end -- no matter how long ago that jingle may have first been aired! Here are some popular examples. See how many of these you can remember: • I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener. That