I'm Afraid of Digital | Mid-West Family Broadcasting (WSJM Inc.)
In 2007, we launched the Digital Media arm of Mid-West Family Broadcasting's Southwest Michigan stations. And in every one of those years, I've encountered a client (or two, or 20) that was completely afraid of doing any digital advertising. Now, things have changed quite a bit. I spend more time convincing people not to cancel their incredibly successful radio campaigns because they got a taste of $10 Facebook boosted posts, and considered it their new marketing strategy. What happened? It's easy to answer. Digital is tangible, trackable, clickable. It's fun, and interactive. But I'm afraid of it. Wait, the Digital Guy is afraid of his own product? Not quite. What I'm afraid of is Digital that is used incorrectly. Digital that replaces mass media in favor of a few euphoric rushes of impressions reports from a post you made is not a marketing campaign. In fact, Digital advertising as a whole that is focused on posting a few photos on Instagram each day, or answering comments and