From Jacobs Media: Does Radio Make You Happy? | Mid-West Family Broadcasting (WSJM Inc.)
From our partners Jacobs Media and Fred Jacobs' June 1, 2018 Blog Post: There's so much amazing content on television these days, whether it's Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, or broadcast TV networks. The most recent estimate is there are nearly 500 scripted shows on TV in 2018, signaling the continuation of a renaissance for tube lovers. That's a lot of television. But now a study in Psychology Today suggests that TV viewing may in fact depress you. A Turkish researcher, Gul Gunaydin, studied the viewing patterns of 1,700 adults (aged 33-45) discovered a cycle that habitual TV viewing leads to unhappiness. The website,Big Think, wrote this headlineto sum up the cause and effect between TV viewing and mood: "TV makes you unhappy, and unhappy people watch more TV" But have you ever heard of radio leading to unhappiness? it just doesn't happen. And I've got the data to back it up. In our new Techsurvey 2018, we ask all 64,000+ respondents to