Digital Media | Mid-West Family Broadcasting (WSJM Inc.)
We're MORE THAN JUST RADIO! Our Digital Media division is headed by local radio veteran Zack East. He's ready to help your business maximize your digital presence by gaining access to powerful, hyper-local audiences with easy-to-buy placements on the top digital destinations in Southwest Michigan. Our company focuses on content creation and audience-building, so we can give you cost-effective local marketing power without the big regional and national brands bumping you out of the way. Check out one of these great digital products and combine your spend with an awareness-building radio campaign to talk to customers at every step of their journey! Town Crier Wire App By now, you've probably heard of the app Town Crier Wire, which mixes all of the information you'd get from a traditional newspaper, and gives it to you for free on an Android or Apple app! All of the news is specifically focused for Michigan's Great Southwest, produced locally by our own WSJM News team, WSJM Sports team,