Donald Trump’s Government Shutdown Creating Psychological Torture On Millions Of Americans, And Endangering Public Health And National Security: A Criminal Act Which Should Lead To Immediate Removal From Office | The Progressive Professor
Donald Trump's Government Shutdown. now in its 34th day, is creating psychological torture on millions of Americans, and endangering public health and national security. It is a criminal act, unsurpassed by any President in American history, a grab for absolute power by a tyrant who wishes to destroy our Constitution and system of checks and balances. It should lead to immediate removal from office, not even wait until an impeachment trial, as it is endangering a great economic depression; a danger of nuclear war; a public health and safety crisis regarding our food and drug supply; the likelihood of a massive terrorist incident as horrible as September 11; the danger of a disaster in air traffic; the eviction from homes and apartments of millions of Americans, making them homeless; causing massive hunger and starvation; the undermining of the health of the elderly, the disabled, the poor, and those with serious diseases; the worsening of morale