The Time Has Arrived For Republicans In Congress To Denounce, Repudiate, And Abandon Trump: Will They For Their Reputation In History? | The Progressive Professor
The time has arrived for Republicans in Congress to denounce, repudiate, and abandon Donald Trump, after the double whammy of the guilty plea of Michael Cohen, and the conviction of Paul Manafort, within an hour of each other yesterday. There is no justification, none, for Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and all other GOP Senators and Congressmen, even if they are running for office this November, to continue to back a President clearly involved in corrupt actions. Either they do this now, or they will go down in history as collaborators. One could say that they felt party loyalty before these events, but now there is no way to defend supporting Donald Trump. Yes, they accomplished a massive tax cut for the top one to two percent. Yes, they accomplished a massive attack on government regulation, trying to destroy the New Deal, Great Society, even Richard Nixon reforms, and Barack Obama's healthcare law. Yes, they managed to force right wing judges on us