Harry Truman And Gerald Ford Share Death Date Of December 26 in 1972 And 2006 | The Progressive Professor
The day after Christmas is a day shared by two Presidents in death. The 33rd President, Harry Truman, died on this day in 1972. The 38th President, Gerald Ford. died on this day in 2006. These two Presidents, the first a Democrat, the second a Republican, shared many common traits. Both were from the Midwest--Truman from Missouri, and Ford from Hichigan. Both faced challenging times and issues--Truman with the end of World War II; the Atomic Bomb issue; the Berlin Blockade and Airlift; the Korean War;-McCarthyism;--and Ford with the pardoning of Richard Nixon; the final end of the Vietnam War; the Mayaguez Affair with Cambodia; the two assassination attempts 17 days apart in September 1975; and the challenge of Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter in 1976. Both faced public opinion polls that made their governing difficult, with Truman surprising everyone with his upset victory over Thomas E. Dewey in 1948; and Ford almost winning a full term in 1976, and only losing