How Slim Margins Decide So Many Presidential Elections And Affect American History And Government Policies! | The Progressive Professor
The argument that many ill informed people have is that "voting does not matter", when just the opposite is true. As we begin 2017 and the reality of President Trump in 19 days, a look at history tells us clearly how small numbers of votes or percentages of votes make a dramatic difference, as demonstrated in the following elections in American history: 1844-- a switch of a few thousand votes in New York would have given the election to Henry Clay, instead of James K. Polk, and the difference was the small third party, the Liberty Party. 1848--a switch of a few thousand votes, again in New York, would have given the election to Lewis Cass, instead of Zachary Taylor, but Free Soil Party nominee, Martin Van Buren, former Democratic President and from New York, won ten percent of the total national vote, and threw the election to Whig candidate Taylor in New York. 1876---the dispute over the contested votes of South Carolina, Louisiana, and Florida led to a special Electoral