Democratic Party Historical Accomplishments | The Progressive Professor
The Democratic Party has been criticized for the fact that in its 188 year history, it was the party that promoted slavery, segregation, and lynching, being dominated for a long time by its ugly Southern membership. This cannot be denied, but it is the Democratic Party which has also, in the last century of history, had many historical accomplishments. Among these are: First Catholic nominee for President--Alfred E. Smith 1928 First Catholic President elected--John F. Kennedy 1960 First Catholic Vice President elected--Joe Biden 2008 First Jewish nominee for Vice President--Joseph Lieberman 2000 First Jewish Presidential candidate as serious contender--Bernie Sanders 2016 First African American President--Barack Obama 2008 First Woman nominated for Vice President--Geraldine Ferraro 1984 First African American Presidential Contender--Shirley Chisholm 1972 First Woman nominee for President--Hillary Clinton 2016 First woman Secretary of State---Madeleine Albright under