The “Short List” Of Vice Presidential Choices For Hillary Clinton | The Progressive Professor
According to the Associated Press, the "short list" of Vice Presidential choices for Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton includes: Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren Virginia Senator Tim Kaine Housing and Urban Development Secretary and former San Antonio, Texas Mayor Julian Castro All three are excellent choices, but this blogger would recommend Castro as the best choice. It is important to keep Democrats in the US Senate, as even one seat might matter for a majority. Castro is only 42, which is wonderful, since he represents a new generation of leadership in the future, and is a Latino of Mexican heritage, the future of America, with 65 percent of all Hispanics in America being of Mexican heritage. The likelihood of a Latino President in eight years, possibly Castro at age 50, is a great possibility. Castro may not have direct foreign policy experience, but then neither does Warren, and while Kaine is on the Foreign Relations Committee and