Presidential Succession Law Of 1886-1947 Needs To Be Renewed! | The Progressive Professor
In 1947, the Republican controlled 80th Congress, in a fit of partisanship and anti FDR sentiment, changed the Presidential Succession Law of 1886, enacted during the first term of President Grover Cleveland. That law made the succession for the Presidency beyond the Vice President to be as follows: Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of War, Attorney General, and then other cabinet agencies, including Interior and Agriculture. That law made sense, as it meant that in case of tragedy hitting the President and Vice President, that members of that President's cabinet, people loyal to him, knowledgeable in foreign and defense policies, and domestic policies, would be next in line, in case of an emergency. But the Republicans after World War II were furious that Franklin D. Roosevelt had been elected four times, so not only added the 22nd Amendment, limiting any future President to two elected term, or a maximum of ten years if he succeeded during a te