Privatization Of Education And Of Prisons Makes Profit More Important Than Anything Else! | The Progressive Professor
The privatization movement, popular among conservatives and the Republican Party, produces disasters! It creates charter schools which, only in rare cases, is better than public education, and gives children educators who are less qualified and lower paid. The results of charter schools are not good, based on statistics! Additionally, for profit education on the university and college level is a boondoggle, ripping off taxpayers, and cheating gullible students who think they can get a degree worth the paper of the diploma, when instead they get inferior or no education, and tremendous debts that impoverish them. Also, privatization of prisons is a horrendous idea, as the goal is to cut costs, recruit more prisoners, and mistreat those inmates in ways that have been shown to be extremely abusive! The privatization industry caters to politicians who are willing to promote their unethical, immoral businesses. An example is the GEO group, one of the worst prison