The Distortion Of Jesus Christ By Right Wing Republicans And Their Allies | The Progressive Professor
Jesus Christ, who was Jewish and never a Christian, preached love, tolerance, understanding, open mindedness, and other good thoughts, and offered himself as a way to unify mankind in the Middle East. If he were here in the world today, and in America, he would be shocked at what many Republicans, conservatives, and right wing religious leaders have done to distort his loving message of unity. We could call what has happened as making Jesus a Republican with all of the views that party now has in 2013! These include the following, in the view of Right Wing Republicans and their allies, but NOT, of course, the truth, but rather propaganda! Jesus is white and is certainly not color blind. Jesus is a big supporter of the Confederacy, and can justify the past existence of slavery and racial segregation as factors which had a purpose to "organize" society. Jesus loves guns, and they are to be owned to protect against evil forces out to undermine the faith. Jesus loves