Texas Governor Rick Perry: The “Pro Life” Governor? NO, A Tragedy For Texas! | The Progressive Professor
Texas Governor Rick Perry was a massive embarrassment when he ran for the Republican nomination for President in 2012. He is the longest serving Governor in America, having succeeded George W. Bush as the executive leader of the Lone Star State at the end of 2000. He has become infamous for ridiculous, insensitive, and moronic statements, and outrageous actions in office, including suggesting that Texas secede from the Union, as it did in the Civil War. He has a reputation as a "Pro Life" Governor, but that appellation is a mockery of reality! This is a man who refuses to accept Medicaid expansion that is fully covered by ObamaCare, and therefore, denies millions of poor Texans, many of them Latinos, any access to health care, and this is out of spite, not wanting to accept federal aid that would cost the state of Texas NOTHING! Here is a man who has the record for the most death warrants and executions occurring under his regime, and brags about the massive use of the