The REAL Issues Of 2012 That Are Being Ignored In The Presidential Campaign | The Progressive Professor
If one follows the Presidential campaign of 2012, one would think that ONLY the economy matters. YES, the economy matters, but the newest jobs report demonstrates that this nation is on the mend, and that over the next Presidential term, the economy will recover, with some experts saying that up to 12 million jobs will be created, whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney wins the White House on Tuesday. Others would say the danger of Iran is the major issue, but even on that, it is clear that both Obama and Romney would react similarly to an actual Iranian attack on Israel or any other part of the Middle East. So the REAL issues are not the economy or Iran! Instead, they are the following, although ignored in campaign rhetoric: Climate Change or Global Warming---the reality of it, as demonstrated yet again by Hurricane Sandy, and the need to take the lead in moving away from oil and coal as the major energy resources. But, of course, Republicans and conservatives deny the