Hatred, Resentment, Indifference Toward The Poor: The Sickness In America | The Progressive Professor
There is a sickness in America, which is growing by leaps and bounds. That illness is hatred, resentment, and indifference towards the poor! The ability of most Americans to have compassion and concern for those less fortunate is lacking. We are a religious nation, with so many claiming to be believers in God, but yet we look down upon the poor, and blame them for their own plight. It is as if people love to be poor, and are unwilling to do anything to get out of poverty, when it is clear that those born in poverty have an inability to pull themselves out of poverty without assistance from others, as the majority of people in poverty are children. We have politicians who make a career condemning the poor, and we have radio and cable talk show hosts who live to denounce the poor, and we have religious leaders who claim to be following Jesus Christ, but are not doing so. We have seen the Social Darwinist theory about poverty arise again in the 21st century, when it was