Ranking Presidents Affected By Being A One Term Or Two Term President? | The Progressive Professor
The game of ranking Presidents is a continuous topic among historians, political scientists, journalists, and ordinary citizens. In the upcoming June issue of Presidential Studies Quarterly, Professor Curt Nichols, an assistant professor of political science at Baylor University in Texas, comes up with a new theory and premise about how Presidents are ultimately ranked in history. Nichols used a statistical method known as regression analysis, utilizing Presidential ranking polls conducted by C Span, the Wall Street Journal, and the Siena Research Institute. Each poll has different factors in judging Presidential leadership, with C Span having ten. But Nichols says the rating score of Presidents is ultimately raised if the following six factors are considered: Number of years served Wartime leadership If transformation of political landscape occurs in their term If they are part of the Founding Fathers group If they are considered "progressive" and pursue "equal