The US Senate In Turmoil: Rapid Turnover Becoming A Fact Of Life | The Progressive Professor
The US Senate is often called the greatest debating society in the world, and it carries tremendous prestige, with so many of its members often thought by them and by others as potential candidates for the Presidency. So the rapid turnover going on in recent years is a fact of life, but it helps to make the Senate appear in turmoil with so many new members. In the 112th Congress, there are 16 new senators, 13 Republicans and three Democrats, and now a total of five Senators, three Democrats and two Republicans, have announced their intention to retire at the end of their terms in 2012. Democrats Kent Conrad of North Dakota and Jim Webb of Virginia, and Independent Democrat Joe Lieberman are leaving, and Republicans Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas and Jon Kyl of Arizona also are retiring, with all but Webb having had multiple terms in the Senate. A lot of the wisdom and the vision of the Senate is leaving, so while many have varying views of all these five Senators, in many