Teaching Painting is Passion, Sponsored by the Educational Alliance Art School | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
For Jodie Niss, teaching painting has always been a part of her self-expression. She started teaching painting techniques around 12 years old guiding the younger students at her school. Jodie said, “From a very early age I was teaching people how to paint, it just came naturally. I like guiding others through the process of learning to paint and helping them discover their own artistic voice.” Jodie started working at Educational Alliance Art School in 2014 teaching Intro to Painting and Advanced Painting courses, and now teaches the Painting From Life and Painting Your Vision. She particularly enjoys teaching her course Painting From Life because it’s about “learning how to see better so you can paint better. Learning to see shapes, values and colors quickly and put them onto the canvas.” Jodie sees this course as an opportunity to help others find their inner artist through quickly diving into the painting process. “Showing others that painting is not as hard, daunting, or expensive