Grand Street Guild Residents Have Gone Without Cooking Gas For 39 Days | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
Lucy Lopez has not been able to cook in her apartment for 39 days. Like the other residents of 200 apartments at 131 Broome St., she's been without gas service all that time. The stove-top is out of commission and hot plates handed out by building management are no substitute. Last night, exasperated tenants of the Grand Street Guild Apartments, a Section 8 complex, met with a representative from the management company. Liaisons from the offices of several elected representatives were also in attendance. The gas was shut off in August, after a leak was detected during an inspection in the building's laundry room. According to tenants, management has said the repairs are taking so long because workers have had trouble gaining access to some apartments. Three of six gas lines have finally been repaired, but it's anyone's guess how long it will take to restore service to the entire building. 131 Broome St. is the tower on the left. Mechanical room at 131 Broome St. In an interview