Caught on Tape: Suspect in East River Park Rape (Updated) | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
Police have released still photos and surveillance video showing the man they believe raped a woman in East River Park Wednesday evening. The incident happened at around 7:30 p.m. The victim was dragged by her hair from the footpath near Jackson Street into the amphitheater and brutally assaulted. Cops said he claimed to have a gun but never showed it. Following the attack, the suspect stole the victim's credit card and cell phone. He used the card at a nearby deli, where these surveillance images were captured. The 26 year-old victim was taken to Beth Israel Hospital and later released. After the suspect took off on a bicycle, the woman sought help from a young man who was walking his dog in the park. According to the Daily News, she borrowed a phone from 18-year-old Kevin Becker to call 911. "She came up, she was really distraught,” said Becker, “She told me she was raped. I said, ‘Are you OK? Are you hurt? What can I do?'" Becker, a college student, added, "I was really surprised