Lower East Side Ecology Center Awarded $1 Million For East River Park Wetland | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
The Lower East Side Ecology received word this week that it's been awarded a $1 million grant from the state of New York to create an artificial wetland in East River Park. As you may know, the non-profit organization runs a large compost operation. A by-product of the composting process is a nitrogen-rich wastewater called leachate, which is harmful to most plants. The wetland will be located at the Ecology Center's compost facility, which is situated just south of the East River Park amphitheater. According to an explanation on the center's website, "The wetland (will) clean the leachate by running it through a series of physical and botanical filters, such as specially-sized gravel and nitrogen-fixing plants and then put it to work growing plants and creating habitats for butterflies, insects, amphibians, and birds." In an interview yesterday, Christine Datz-Romero, the ecology center's executive director, said the wetland will "create a permeable infrastructure" during normal