Arts Watch: Edinburgh’s Forest Fringe Microfestival Comes to Abrons | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
This weekend an Edinburgh Festival Sensation, Forest Fringe, will be transforming the Abrons Arts Center into an experimental, building-wide microfestival for its New York debut. I recently caught up with one of the three co-founders, Andy Field. TLD - Why did you see the need to create the Forest Fringe Festival? AF - I love the International Festival and the Fringe and all of the other festivals in Edinburgh – it is extremely exciting to be there in the city during festival time. I love the size of the Festival and brilliant ethos of the Fringe--the free for all. Over time however, the costs and conventions have grown and have tended to prohibit small-scale experimental work. It has become prohibitively expensive. The Fringe is over three weeks long, and most venues expect you to present (for) that many weeks. The slots are also an hour long, and the festival tends to privilege shows you can do in a conventional black box space--as much as you can make in that conventional model. We